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Gilbert Avery Wilson …, honorably discharged on November 11, Following a career as a statistical accountant for ADM, he…. She was a longtime employee of the Ford Motor Company as an accountant. Cash Check Sarah Bakken, 24, Edina … money: Aside from directly depositing money from every paycheck into a savings account , my best…. In Sept. Starry Nights Starry Nights Look at the moon and the beautiful stars and take it slow.

Night Sky Night Sky 9. Twilight Twilight 6. Sky Sky 1. Moonlight Moonlight Moonlight 2. Concertino Concertino Bach. Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Dreams. Wooly has fun dreaming! Join Wooly as he dreams about a fluffy cloud that turns into a white teddy bear! Come along and see how Wooly arranges the lovely seasons and helps bring back a stuck fish to the sea!

Sky Sky 5. Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Robot. Magical shapes that move and transform to create surprising objects. In this one-of-a-kind dance series, two imaginary creatures pick up everyday objects and transport them into a fantasy world filled with colour, imagination, music, and movement.

Wooly 1 Wooly 1 Tractor. Wooly is watching the tractor digging a ditch through which water will flow. Join Wooly as he saves the pretty flowers nearby! Come along and see how Wooly lifts the flowers and finds them a new and safe home! Time for Bed Time for Bed See how fun preparing for bedtime can be with this new compilation of themed episodes from a variety of our shows including Tulli, Grandpa's Gallery and more.

Concertino Concertino Blue Danube. Start your day with your favourite characters, exciting stories and renewed energy! Mice builders Mice builders Hairdryer. Join the mighty mice builders as they work and play! Come sing along and help them build their new home! Animated images try to imitate the movements of their human counterparts who in turn try to challenge their animated images into performing more challenging feats. Mice builders Mice builders Binoculars.

What's inside the package? A lock or a chef's hat? Of course not! It's a pair of binoculars to see our fascinating world! A musical series about the daily routine of kids from morning through lunch and bath time to bedtime. Charlie is back with new and exciting friends - the alphabet! Meet Charlie's new Alphabet friends as they go on adventures together and learn letters and their sounds. Grandpa Joe uses his magical building blocks to create surprising animals and toys with the help of Joy, Dylan and his dog Dustin.

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Join Fast Frank as his rushes off to deliver packages to his animal friends around the world until he finally find them in their natural habitat. Pierre the Painter Pierre the Painter Bus. Pierre the passionate painter meets kids and paints pictures for them. While he is drawing, the children try to guess what he is painting.

Mitch Match Mitch Match Tower. Four puzzle pieces work together to create an object that takes part in an adventure. Pim and Pimba find an umbrella in the snow. Join our cute penguins as they have fun pretending the canopy is a parachute to jump from an aeroplane and the shaft is a cane and a hook to enjoying sliding on ropes!

Momento the great chef has a restaurant, three pickled friends and a loyal diner named Perfecto who arrives at the restaurant each day with a surprise in his basket. The show intrigues kids to try new kinds of foods that are good for them. Oliver Oliver Boat. Oliver takes viewers to familiar locations to introduce first basic concepts such as colours, numbers, shapes and sizes. Giraffe, Squirrel and Baby and to play ball. Will they be able to take the ball from Elephant's house without waking her up? Toto and his best friend Robbie are toys that come to life in a kindergarten after all the kids have gone home.

The kindergarten transforms into an imaginative world where they discover what the kids did and learned in the kindergarten that day and experience wonderful adventures. Make your child a star on BabyTV and create their own personalised birthday greeting on babytv.

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Learn about the amazing storks! They have a long beak, red legs and can fly great distances. Tulli 2 Tulli 2 Washing Machine. What's that? Join Tulli as he tries to figure out what object is in front of him. Come along and enjoy beautiful music! Waking up the castle every day is not easy, but our two heroes manage to overcome obstacles and get the kingdom ready in time for the new day.

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In this animated series, Billy and Bam-Bam venture to the playroom or the park where they amuse themselves by playing together, squabbling a bit, and then playing together again. Mona and Sketch Mona and Sketch Car. Mona is an adventurous girl with a very special friend named Sketch. Mona uses her imagination to think of what she wants to be and Sketch helps her out with his artistic skills.

Puzzle Games Puzzle Games 5.

Two friendly puppets let us share in their delightful world of fun games and easy puzzles which introduce children to first concepts. Meet Raffa - a kind hearted giraffe who is always willing to help. Raffa's friends can count on him to solve their problems with lots of enthusiasm and plenty of humour. Rocco Rocco Chestnuts.

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Rocco finds tasty chestnuts but their shells are very prickly. How will he be able to carry them? Cuddlies Cuddlies Dance Day. The adventures of four magical creatures that deal with simple everyday problems and dilemmas.