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It is an opportune period to try luck in new job, business or project but only after 25th September. Read more. Guidance from elder will lead you towards path of success. Silly mistakes can cost you a lot. Slow relief in tax hurdles so take care of your paper work. Prospects of higher education through distance learning. Try to be punctual at work place. Follow a daily work routine to prevent your personal life from being affected by work. Stay patient, delay in expected results is foreseen.

Year Try now Urgent - 24 hr Express Service days. Don't know your Moon Sign? Ergo, it is only befitting that we have multiple cultural and religious connotations attached to those dreams.

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Hindus have always revered and feared snakes. The symbol of a Naga king cobra is quite common, and the first image to pop in our heads is the one of Lord Shiva. Shiva wears the snake as a symbol of control over dark forces. Similarly, if one dreams about catching a snake, it is a symbol of victory over the darkness in your life. In other such interpretations, the snake becomes symbolic to the kundalini , often represented as a coiled serpent resting at the base of the spine. The imagery of the snake uncoiling and causing around a thousand lotus petals to open up is used to describe this awakening.

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For Hindus, this awakening holds an extremely significant spiritual meaning- wisdom and fertility, a way to find personal balance within the cosmic chaos. Other interpretations state that being bitten by a snake is lucky while killing one is considered extremely unlucky. Seeing a vast snake forewarns a possible misfortune. Seeing a snake come out of a body part symbolizes that the body part will soon be in some physical trouble. Dreaming of a snake in water signifies purity.

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In fact, according to Swapna Shastra , snake dreams indicate only positivity. If a snake bites a person, it foretells the curing of an ailment. And if a person chews or eats a snake, it indicates incoming wealth and children. However, not all Hindu interpretations are positive. Swami Shivanand saw snakes as sly and dangerous. As per Hindu Astrology , the presence of a snake in your chart is more often than not something negative. This goes back to the Biblical tales of Satan using a snake to manipulate Adam and Eve.

And this ultimately brings misery in your life. Hence, seeing a snake in your dreams means that someone will harm you soon or you will face significant complications. If you have a snake bite dream, it is usually regarded as a sign of deception and revelation of your deepest secrets.

Most of the symbols include similar themes- enemies, deception, death, negativity, etc. Interestingly, killing a snake in Christianity means something good; it means that the person will overcome troubles. This is in contrast to the Hindu philosophy, where killing a snake brings bad luck. One of the most famous symbols is the image of the Virgin Mary with her foot on the head of a snake- an indication of her conquering her desires.

Just like Christianity, snakes are considered evil in Islam.

The infamous Muslim dream interpreter Ibn Seerin often regarded snakes as enemies. On the other hand, if a snake is swallowing someone means wealth and power awaits them. Here, snake-skin is often considered a symbol of riches. If a snake is speaking to you in a dream and the tone is harsh, you are likely to suffer at the hands of your enemies. Similarly, a lot of other snake symbolism includes enemies, warning, and negativity.

Dreams, for Greeks, bring in warnings and good tidings, dangers, and friends. In Greek mythology, the earliest symbol of snake is that of Hermes who is depicted as a staff with two snakes intertwined around it the symbol of modern-day medicine. A similar image belongs to Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine. Dreaming of snakes can mean healing.

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Dreaming of capturing a snake can say that one will become victorious in life- a concept derived from the tales of a young Hercules conquering a snake. Snakes also form the part of the harmful tradition of the Greeks. Medusa is often depicted with snakes instead of hair and can kill anyone with her stone-cold eyes. If we take this into account, snakes can mean a warning of death. The Greeks consider Medusa symbolic of feminine wisdom. Dreaming of snakes can also mean that you will gain a lot of knowledge. Other than that, most of the dreams are viewer specific. Clytemnestra had a dream that she was breastfeeding a snake- a rather powerful image.

Egyptians Goddesses are often portrayed as wearing crowns fitted with a cobra head. This relates directly to the patron of Egypt- Wadjet. She is the protector of all and is shown as having a cobra head or with a cobra by her side. Dreams about a snake, in this regard, are considered very positive- a symbol of eternal wisdom, immortality, and vision. As for the Romans, their guardian spirits or genius loci have always been depicted as snakes. Dreaming of them means someone otherworldly protects you or will protect you.

This becomes a kind of hope and assurance. Chinese do not have the same negative connotations of snakes as a lot of other cultures do. For them, snakes represent mysterious but wise creatures- a fact reiterated in Chinese Astrology. Snakes are creatures with healing properties.

They bring with them ancient primordial wisdom. According to the book, if a woman sees herself holding a snake, she may get pregnant soon. Dreaming of a pair of snakes means an individual will become independent from his family. A battle between a snake and cat is seen as a sign of all disasters disappearing.

follow link And the most common symbol- the snake turning into a dragon- indicates that great things will happen to you. Dragons hold a special place in Chinese culture. They bring wealth, prosperity, power, and good luck. If you are looking for a personalised solution Talk To Astrologer Now! Posts Likes Archive. What is Cryptocurrency? What is Libra? Libra Cryptocurrency Prediction As per the Indian Astrology , the chart of Libra cryptocurrency of Facebook, even in the first view looks like a side game, and it could be on any side, says Ganesha.

The Aghori Sadhus in Hinduism Morality And Its Role In Human Civilization The principles that guide us in differentiating between right and wrong, from good or bad have always been an important aspect of living a sound life. Life Of An Aghori Baba Ji An Aghori Baba Ji lives an ascetic life and is often considered to be ruthless, wild and intense, in terms of how he leads his conscious mind.

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Purpose Of Living Such A Life In spite of living such a bizarre and amoral life, where nudity, cannibalism, indecency, ribaldry, and unscrupulousness is involved, they are yet known as beings who transcend physical barriers in reaching the ultimate. These are predictions based on SunSign. Click here. Aries 21st March to 20th April : If you are not in a relationship, you may find an ideal partner during this week and may fall in love with them as well.

Your relationship may get stronger during this time. It is advisable for you to be cautious about your seniors during this week. There are no major changes in your health and fitness. You may get issues related to cold, cough, or asthma.