Compatibility with cancer woman

Leo man has a noble heart and soul and he does care about others, having several people very close to him. When a Leo man cares about someone or something, he will act as a true protector and guardian. He is strong, bold and confident and usually takes everything with ease. He does not rush or make hasty decisions.

Leo man is more static than active, but he does not run away from hard work. He has to be on top of the ladder and he will work for it.

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Financial success is important to him, but the social status is essential. He could lose all of his material possessions and still feel like a millionaire; A Leo earns and spends money and always has hope it will come again, by some miraculous way. If not, he will find a way himself. He could earn a lot, but also spend much. What is material is to be spent, that is a motto of any Leo.

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Reputation is what you should never lose or put into danger, so Leo would carefully preserve the perfect image of himself in public. Leo man is incredibly flexible and adaptable. He could be very lazy if he feels like cuddling in bad the whole day. He could also be very active, visiting all sorts of social events and stuff. He feels comfortable with less than he would like to have, because he never loses hope he could get what he wants. He is charming, charismatic and his aura is bright and very positive. Leo man is an interesting and definitely admirable companion, if you do not get tired of his never-ending bragging about what he has done and so on.

He could even present some misfortunate events so that you still see him victorious. He is just amazing character. Leo is a charmer, natural born seducer. He treats his lady with respect and chivalry. He is passionate, loyal and dedicated to his romantic relationship. She is delicate, sensitive and simply adorable, perhaps the most fragile of all feminine representatives of zodiac. Cancer woman is deeply emotional and compassionate personality, the one that cares about other people and feels their emotions.

She is insightful and intuitive for a great part. She is prone to get lost in her romantic dreams and fantasies. Cancer women have an open heart for everyone, while they are reasonable and try not to waste themselves. They are less prone to depression compared to Cancer men.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

A Cancer woman is simple and honest. She feeds on helping others and is often involved with some voluntary or charity work. She is modest and satisfied with essentials, although she does not feel uncomfortable with having more. Cancer woman takes in all good opportunities; however, she would never go over others to get something. She has a creative mind and good taste in art. She is imaginative, but also handy.

A Cancer woman is organized and quiet; her home would rarely be messy or untidy. She is courageous in defending her cause, which is usually something she deems a greater good. Cancer women are usually quiet and they keep to themselves, even in a large company. She feels okay around people, but would never try to grab all the attention for herself; that would make her feel uneasy. She is a dreamer and a romantic, but she does not lose the sense of reality.

There are a lot of emotions involved in the relationship between them, often mixed ones. The male Virgo is charmed by the beauty and the affection of the female Cancer. He instantly falls for her in the beginning and is enamoured by her presence. The female Cancer also finds him charismatic, attractive and tries to understand his mindset as she gently walks beside him and tries her best to help him fulfill his dreams and desires.

The Virgo man compatibility with Cancer woman is such, that they may love each other and be involved deeply in the morning and may have a quarrel over petty matters at night, such is the complexity. The Virgo man finds it very calm and soothing when he is with her, who often expresses her love through her moonlit eyes.

Cancer Woman Compatibility With Men From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

It allows him to feel and sense the love between them, making him realise of all the unworthy things that have occured between them and disposing it, to experience a new wave of affection. They like spending quality time together as well, be it in any festival or, in a good atmosphere where they want to go for a walk together.

Both the Virgo man and Cancer woman try their best to comprehend with one another. But because of their particular traits in them, there builds a gap in their relationship.


At times, when she is not in a good mood or becomes eccentric in her behaviour, the male Virgo becomes more censorious. This can be settled if they spend some time alone in the woods and experience serenity, to come out of it. The male Virgo also tries to support her, by being with her when she needs him the most, in the most challenging times and hold her tight. They also share a great physical relationship together, where they both involve themselves passionately in the act of making love when neither of them are troubled inside and loose themselves to one another.

This will make the compatibility of Virgo man and Cancer woman outreach their expectations. He may find it troublesome to be intimately involved when he is struggling with his worries, or when she experiences mood changes and becomes over emotional which he may not appreciate. Otherwise, they are quite a satisfied couple as far as sharing intimacy is concerned. Both the Virgo and Cancer have a potential to live a happy and a content life together, if he deals with his fears and if she tries not to be moody at times, they are sure to experience some compatibility.

The Virgo man often is such, that inspite of being deeply in love with her, he may fear getting offcially into a relationship, like associating himself in an institution of marriage which he is usually confused about getting into. The female Cancer gives in to the changes in her moods and emotions which she should try take control of, to sustain a better alliance with her partner. She also should give him the freedom and space to explore himself, as he often tends to stay alone in solitary. He in turn should take care of her when she is upset emotionally and try to soothe her by spending time together.

There is a lof of love, warmth and affection involved between this duo and if they do take care of certain things in the relationship, the Virgo man and Cancer woman love compatibility will find find its peak, if they give their best to each other. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. The differences between the Cancer woman and Libra man sexually is complementary under the sheets. He is more passive so she will get to take the lead, which she wants. He craves balance and she is moody so it will be hard for Libra star sign to put up with that. But Libra is slow to decide. Libra also has chores so Cancer will get stuck with these too, which will also drive her nuts.

These two will have work to do if they want their horoscope compatibility to improve! They have a lot in common and understand one another. The Scorpio male comes off as mysterious but she is intuitive. They will have great sex because he is passionate and intense and she is sweet and caring.

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  4. The only issue is his somewhat brash and dominant nature. Cancer likes to have control once in awhile too so he may have to let her.